SmartPurge II Expo Technologies World leader in hazardous area Purge and Pressurization systems. With 60 years purge & pressurization experience, we are the:
Pressurization for Rooms RP Max Z Expo's room pressurization unit enables your room to meet Zone 2 IIB CAT 3 ATEX - IEC 60079-13 - Equipment protection by pressurized room Expo Room Pressurization Protects an accessible room in a Class I Div 2 or Zone 2 hazardous area. RP Max-Z Ex pz room pressurizing units provide:
Accessories: X Y Z air-purge enclosures & cabinets These accessories deliver additional purge & pressurization capabilities. All accessories certified for Class I, II, Div 1 2, Zone 1, 2, 21, 22 hazardous areas & locations to NFPA 496 ATEX IEC 60079-2 60079-13 & INMETRO certification requirements.
Hazardous Area Intrinsically Safe Pneumatic Solenoid Friction-Free Valves Hazardous Area Pneumatic Solenoid Friction-Free Valves. Good for 100 million operating cyclesFriction Free Valves Common applications for Expo’s friction-free valves include: Infrequently operated valves: as valve doesn’t stick; Emergency shutdown systems – when the valve “must work”; High frequency cycling: fast response due to low inertia; Long control loops: due to low current required to drive the valve;
MiniPurge Interface Units Power Interlocking Device. Isolate power entering pressurized enclosure. With pneumatic relay, control remote alarm via microswitch & terminalsMiniPurge Interface Unit MiniPurge Interface Units (MIU) add power interlocks and external alarm interfaces to X-Purge & MiniPurge purge & pressurization units.
Expo’s Purge & Pressurization Capabilities Expo’s Purge & Pressurization Capabilities Expo Ex p certified NFPA496 and IEC 60079-2 (2007) purge and pressurized enclosures are built from standard componentsTypical Enclosure System Expo has designed hundreds of custom purge and pressurized enclosures. For purge and pressurization technology, we believe we are:
Purge and Pressurization Enclosures Class 1 Div 1, Div 2, Zone 1, Zone 2 hazardous area purged and pressurised enclosureEnclosure: Purged and Pressurized Expo’s complete Purge and Pressurized enclosures enable you to install uncertified electrical equipment in hazardous areas. Our Purge Wizard identifies the appropriate purge and pressurization unit for your enclosure.
Benefits of Expo’s Purge and Pressurised Enclosure Quick Access: Easily open purged cabinets for maintenance in hazardous areas; Zone 1 or Class I Div 1: When the door opens and the internal air-pressure falls, power automatically switches off. When the door closes, after the required number of purge cycles the enclosure automatically powers-up. Zone 2 or Class I Div 2: When the door opens, a low-pressure alarm sounds. However, the equipment operates for a time you set, based on local risks.
Enclosure Accessories Purge & Pressurization Enclosure Accessories: Mini-Pushbutton, Operator Interface Adapter, Cabinet CoolerEnclosure Accessories Enclosure accessories enhance performance and ease of use: Mini Pushbutton S0030/278: actuate buttons inside enclosure without exposing buttons to hazardous atmosphere; Operator Interface Adaptor: actuate PLC or HMI units inside enclosure without exposing controls to hazardous atmosphere; Cabinet Cooler: cool enclosure with compressed air; Magnetic 600 pressure guage
How we might work together IEC 60079-2 (2007) compliance for multiple enclosures, from a single Expo purge and pressurisation unitMultiple Enclosures Our design will meet your requirements. We’ll provide whatever technical assistance you need.
Purge & Pressurization for Motors photo 2 Expo’s motor purge and pressurization control units enable you to install electric motors in gas and dust hazardous areas
Options for Expo Motor Purge & Pressurization Systems Customers often request these configuration options: Pre-Start Ventilation for “Special Measures”: Often, safe-starting high-voltage Ex e and Ex n motors requires “special measures”. Such “special measures arise from 60079-7 and 60079-15 risk assessments. The UK Health & Safety Executive states that “special measures”, i.e. Pre-Start Purging or Ventilation, would have prevented the accidental ignitions described in this Offshore Information
Expo Motor Purge & Pressurization System’s Benefits Cost effective: Purge & Pressurization is the easiest, lowest-cost protection for large electric motors in hazardous areas Eliminate spurious motor trips due to low internal air pressure, with Expo's Closed Loop Automatic Pressurization System. 316SST enclosure and Ex e junction box Eliminate spurious motor trips and associated restart delays. Expo developed CLAPS – Closed Loop Automatic Pressurization System. It: Prevents internal air-pressure drops due to sudden load or operating temperature changes. Without CLAPS, the motor trips due to low internal air-pressure; Maintains enclosure’s air pressure because it is a fast, high-gain, high-capacity regulator; Injects high air volumes, restoring the enclosure’s air pressure.
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